The OCDC Community Advisory Board’s 2015 Annual Report

Public Services Foundation of Canada: Crisis in Correctional Services: Overcrowding and inmates with mental health problems in provincial correctional facilities  

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s Set Up to Fail: Bail and the Revolving Door of Pre-trial Detention

The John Howard Society of Ontario: Unlocking Change: Decriminalizing Mental Health Issues in Ontario

John Howard Society of Ontario: A Day in the Life of a Prisoner in Ontario

John Howard Society of Ontario: Visiting a Loved One Inside? A handbook for people visiting a prisoner at an adult correctional facility in Ontario

Elizabeth Fry: Human and Fiscal Costs of Prison

The John Howard Society of Toronto: Homeless and Jailed: Jailed and Homeless

Schizophrenia Society of Ontario: Provincial Correctional Response To Individuals with Mental Illness in Ontario: A Review of the Literature

Ontario Government 2014 Mandate letter to Community Safety and Correctional Services

Julie Bilotta Statement of Claim in relation to her son’s birth at OCDC


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