Upcoming Events

September 26th & 28th – #NOPE! Let‘s stop a jail from getting built in Ottawa

Members of the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project will be holding two teach-in events to discuss our #NOPE / No On Prison Expansion campaign against the Ontario government’s plan to build a new prison in Algonquin territory / Ottawa to replace the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.  

First we’ll discuss some of the main arguments against building the new jail, the history of OCDC, and its parallels with present calls to build a new jail. Then we’ll turn the discussion to what we can do about this and what building a community, not a jail, would look like.  In the months ahead, we will be rolling-out various outreach, public education, coalition building, and research activities to stop a new and bigger jail that will expand the Province of Ontario’s capacity to confine those awaiting trial (60-70% of prisoners at the scandal-plagued Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre on a given day) and people serving short sentences from ever getting built. 

We hope you can join us for one of our two teach-ins this week. The first is at uOttawa this Tuesday, September 26 from 7pm to 9pm in FSS 4004 (click here for the Facebook event page). The second is at Carleton U this Thursday, September 28 from 6pm to 7pm in room A715 of the Loeb Building (click here for the Facebook event page). See you there to say #NOPE!


Past Events

May 26, 2016: OCDC prisoners launch class-action lawsuit 

May 12, 2016: Ottawa’s Jail: The Costs of Human Warehousing, Ottawa City Hall

April 5th, 2016: Decarcerate OCDC: Exploring Alternatives to Criminalization and Punishment5 April at 9:00– 11:00, UOttawa, Faculty of Social Sciences Room 4004

March 21, 2016: Call out for stories Experiences with ion scanners in Canadian prisons: Have you experienced a ‘false positive’ on the ion scanner when visiting a Canadian prison? If so, we want to hear your story.

March 3, 2016: ‘Shocking’ solitary stats for inmates

March 2, 2016: ‘Desperate measures’: Spike in female inmates proves prison system isn’t working, expert says

March 1, 2016: Data reveal ‘shocking’ numbers of Ontario inmates in solitary

Feb. 26, 2016: Drugs — but no help for addicts — available at detention centre, prisoners say

Feb. 22, 2016: Ottawa lawyer applauds Liberal government’s first step to bail reform

Feb. 15, 2016: Ottawa’s jail troubled, says NDP critic

Feb. 10, 2016: Minister to form working group to address overcrowding in jails, says OPSEU