December 8, 2015: Imagining a world without prisons and punishment 

December 1, 2015: A new federal government, a new direction for solitary confinement?

November 26, 2015: Screening of “Life Inside Ottawa’s Jail

October 19, 2015: Election viewing party

August 10, 2015: Prisoners’ Justice Day in Ottawa




May 29, 2015: CPEP Open Stage and Art Exhibition


May 27, 2015: Screening of “Til the Cows Come Home


April 15, 2015: Public Forum at City Hall on Conditions at Ottawa’s local jail (OCDC)


Egan: Profs, moms, lawyers alarmed at jail conditions at Innes Road, Ottawa Citizen

Egan: What MOMS always knew — Innes Road jail often overcrowded, Ottawa Citizen

Forum condemns prisoner conditions, treatment at Innes Road jail, Human rights court case prompting change, Ottawa Community News 

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March 26, 2015: MEME-OFF!


February 10, 2015: Public Forum on Circles of Support and Accountability


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February 7, 2015: The wrongful conviction and injustice association of Carleton Conference 

 October 9, 2014: The Death of Ashley Smith in Federal Prison: March and Silent Vigil to Denounce 7 Years of Inaction 


October 9, 2014: Open House and Documentary Screening of CBC’s State of Incarceration

October 1, 2014: Ending the Revolving Door of Pre-trial Imprisonment In Ottawa and Beyond (Co-sponsored by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association”

Court system undermines the legal presumption of innocence, forum hears

June 12, 2014: Artists Against State Repression: Open Stage & Art Exhibition


March 5, 2014 Beyond the Walls: Community-based Punishments

In 2010-2011, of the 163,000 adults sentenced in Canada, 23% were incarcerated while 77% were under community supervision (e.g. parole, probation). Tens of thousands more are also supervised while on bail as their cases move through the courts. Community-based punishments include strict conditions that individuals must abide by. These conditions and their monitoring have become increasingly punitive in recent years under the guise of “public safety” and “getting tough on crime”, both provincially and federally. Not complying with these conditions often leads to imprisonment and/or new criminal charges.

January, 11 2013:Free Film Screening of the Fifth Estate’s “Out of Control”: A Documentary on the Tragic Death of Ashley Smith in Prison

January, 14 2013:Inquest into the Death of Ashley Smith in Prison: Demonstration and Vigil


April, 5 2013:From Pardon to Suspension: One Year Later

May, 4 2013:Breaking the Silence: Artists for Justice

November, 12 2013:The Rising Cost of Punishment: Are You Getting What You Need From the ‘Justice’ You Are Paying For?

November, 28 2013Crowding and Conditions at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre: Causes, Consequences and Solutions