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Rights, Resources and News

Your rights as a prisoner and the rights of prisons


Our Scribd account contains assorted ATI and other documents and educational material available to be downloaded and printed.


A 16 Page Flyer/Zine Explaining the #NOPE initiative and why Ottawa doesn’t need a bigger jail!


John Howard Society, Solitary confinement – A first hand account, November 2018

John Howard Society, Crime and criminal justice topics blog, November 2018

Debra Parkes, Mandatory minimum sentences for murder should be abolished, Globe and Mail, September 2018


Independent Review of Ontario Corrections, Directions for Reform Backgrounder, October, 2017

Corrections Canada, Missed Opportunities: The Experience of Young Adults Incarcerated in Federal Penitentiaries – Final Report, August, 2017

Segregation in Ontario, Independent Review of Ontario Corrections, March 2017

OCDC Task Force Progress Report #3, March 2017

Rachelle Larocque, (Independent Review of Ontario) Segregation In Ontario: Segregation Literature Review January 2017.

Independent Review of Ontario Corrections (IROC) Report, September 2017


The OCDC Community Advisory Board’s 2016 Annual Report

The OCDC Community Advisory Board’s 2015 Annual Report

OCDC Task Force Progress Report #2 September 2016

OCDC Task Force Progress Report #1, June 2016

OCDC Task Force Terms of Reference 2016

OCDC Task Force Action Plan 2016


Public Services Foundation of Canada: Crisis in Correctional Services: Overcrowding and inmates with mental health problems in provincial correctional facilities , April 2015

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s Set Up to Fail: Bail and the Revolving Door of Pre-trial Detention, July 2014

The John Howard Society of Ontario: Unlocking Change: Decriminalizing Mental Health Issues in Ontario, August 2015


John Howard Society of Ontario: A Day in the Life of a Prisoner in Ontario

Julie Bilotta Statement of Claim in relation to her son’s birth at OCDC

John Howard Society of Ontario: Visiting a Loved One Inside? A handbook for people visiting a prisoner at an adult correctional facility in Ontario

Ontario Government 2014 Mandate letter to Community Safety and Correctional Minister Yasir Naqvi, September 2014


Elizabeth Fry: Human and Fiscal Costs of Prison, 2013


Schizophrenia Society of Ontario: Provincial Correctional Response To Individuals with Mental Illness in Ontario: A Review of the Literature, March 2012

CPEP in the news


Laucius, Joanne (February 1, 2019) Bell, let’s talk about making it easier for inmates to call from jail, say protesters.

CBC News (January 30, 2019) Protesters call on Bell to fix phone system for inmates.

Speight, Sarah; Benslimane, Souheil; Doyle, Aaron; Piche, Justin. (January 25, 2019) Ontario must address urgent health issues at Ottawa jail.

CBC News (January 15, 2019) Health worries dominate talk on new jail hotline.

Laucius, Joanne ( January 15, 2019) 148 calls to jail complaints hotline in its first month.


Piché, Justin; Doyle, Aaron; Speight, Sarah; Benslimane, Souheil (December 9, 2018) Stop jailing people with mental health issues. It kills.

Deachman, Bruce (December 9, 2018) Detention centre hotline to open for inmates and their families.

Piché, Justin (September 2018) Doug Ford’s support for a new Ottawa jail will be costly and ineffective.

Desmarais, Anne (May 31, 2018) Local candidates at odds over future of ‘notorious’ Ottawa jail.

National Alliance for Evidence-Based Drug Policy (04/16/2018) Dear Liberal Party To Help End Overdose Death Crisis, Decriminalize Now.

Piché, Justin; Doyle, Aaron (May 5, 2018) There are many alternatives to a bigger jail in Ottawa.

McAleese, Samantha (April 7, 2018) Liberals, we’re still waiting for ‘Real Change’ on pardons.

Spears, Tom (April 25, 2018) Protesters want better community support, not bigger jail.


Doyle, Aaron; Piché, Justin (December 7, 2017) Ottawa jail project needs more transparency.

Piché Justin, (November 9 2017) Here’s why we should stop planning for a new jail.

Piché, Justin (July 10, 2017) Why a new Ottawa jail won’t necessarily make things better.

Piché, Justin (May 7, 2017) The new Ottawa jail will just become another hellhole – don’t build it.

Seymour, Andrew (May 4, 2017) Few details on newly promised 725-bed jail.

Doyle, Aaron and Piché, Justin (February 6, 2017) The solution to jail violence isn’t to build more or bigger jails.


McCooey, Paula (December 14, 2016) OCDC failing inmates with mental illness, supporters say.

CBC News (October 27, 2016) A look inside the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.

Dickson, Janice (Aug 10, 2016) ‘They’re killing our people’: Former inmate on Canada’s penitentiaries.

Jones Allison, (June 1, 2016) Offenders with mental health needs shouldn’t be in jail: task force report.

CBC News (June 2, 2016) Bail system remains divisive issue in Ottawa jail reform.

CBC News (May 12, 2016) Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre conditions prompt public forum tonight.

Seymour, Andrew (May 9, 2016) Inmate who gave birth in segregation cell among speakers at forum on Ottawa jail.

McKendy, Laura (April 11, 2016) Re-evaluate who spends time in prison.

Ottawa Sun/Postmedia (April 2, 2016) Firing superintendent won’t cure what ails the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.

Clavette, Joey (January 26, 2016) Punishment at what cost?: Human Rights issues escalate tensions at Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.

Sison, Karen-Luz (January 7, 2016) Students Document Ottawa Jail Conditions.


Cooley, Sam (December 1, 2015) Ottawa panel calls for end to solitary confinement.

CBC News (December 1, 2015) Prison experts call on Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to restrict solitary confinement.

Seymour, Andrew; Cobb, Chris (November 8, 2015) Overcrowded, understaffed detention centre failing inmates and guards, says new report.

Egan, Kelly (April 19, 2015) Profs, moms, lawyers alarmed at jail conditions at Innes Road.

Butler, Patrick (March 19, 2015) Carleton Students Rally for Better Prison Conditions.

CBC (March 5, 2015) Corrections Canada pushing ahead with electronic monitoring of offenders.


Sibley, Robert (October 2, 2014) Court system undermines the legal presumption of innocence, forum hears.

Seymour, Andrew (June 23, 2014) ‘Horrific conditions’ in crowded jails signal need for overhaul, says John Howard Society.


Cheadle, Bruce (April 2, 2013) Former convicts reluctant to go public for forum on pardons.

Cheadle, Bruce; Dib, Lina (March 10, 2013) Parole Board hires staff to finally tackle backlog of old pardon applications.