April 30 Indigenous Knowledge and Abolition LIVE Webinar 7pm – 9pm

UPDATED WITH VIDEO OF THE WEBINAR! Indigenous Knowledge and Abolition: Criminalization, Decolonization and Lessons from Indigenous Justice Systems. The 5th in our weekly series of webinars focusing on prison abolition during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Processes and practices of criminalization and incarceration have always been tied to settler-colonial endeavours to appropriate and occupy Indigenous lands. As such, the impact of incarceration and criminalization on Indigenous peoples plays a critical role in the ongoing colonization of Turtle Island, and our abolitionist efforts must be decolonial. At the same time, Indigenous communities across Turtle Island have long practiced alternative and restorative justice systems, which are important for thinking through decarceral futures.

This panel brings together Indigenous and anti-colonial community members, frontline workers, and researchers to discuss the impact of the current pandemic on incarcerated Indigenous peoples, as well as the important lessons and models which Indigenous world-views offer for imagining and realizing prison abolition.


  • Pamela Palmater
  • Giselle Dias
  • Joey “Twins” Young
  • Wanda Whitebird
  • Les Harper

Note: This webinar will have automatically generated closed-captions. After the event, a recording will be made available online.

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