March 1, 2021

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TPRP Launches New Jail Line

416-755-9329. The Toronto Prisoners’ Rights Project is launching the ☎️ Toronto South Detention Centre, Vanier Centre for Women and Maplehurst Correctional Complex Jail Hotline ☎️. This hotline is run by volunteers. It will take calls […]


Bell Let Prisoners Talk Email Zap

Please take 30 seconds to use our automated email zap tool to tell Bell and the federal and provincial government that the current phone systems in prisons across Canada are harmful and too expensive!


Bell Let Prisoners Talk Webinar

Join us on January 27th from 7 pm to 9 to talk about how the phone system affects prisoners’ mental health while companies like Bell profit from it. Despite Bell’s “Let’s Talk” mental health campaign, […]


Choosing Real Safety

Choosing Real Safety: A Historic Declaration to Divest from Policing and Prisons and Build Safer Communities for All. Please sign and share widely. We can choose to build safe communities! We are living through a […]

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