New Issue of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (JPP) out now!

artwork by prisoners featuring work by pete collins of a distopian dark prison yard with rzor wire and cameras and lightning called Canada's Aboriginal Strategy

Volume 28, Number 2 (2020) is a special issue of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons featuring articles written by current and former prisoner about the current state of incarceration in Canada and their recommendations for change.

Click here to order a printed copy of the full issue through the University of Ottawa Press. Your purcharse will help support the JPP as it relies exclusively on sales. The journal began as and remains a non-profit pursuit with everybody involved volunteering their time. We have no state ties and do not rely on any direct funding from outside sources. This is important, as it limits interference, providing prisoner ethnographers and editorial staff with the opportunity to maintain the vision and integrity of the publication. Although this allows for creative freedom, it does bring considerable financial constraints, particularly in recent years where we have made much of our content available via open-access to increase the publication’s readership and reach. We thank our readers for supporting this project.

Download the editors introduction (written by CPEP members and co-founders) here: