Ramadan update at OCDC

infographic describing the updates of the legal situation pertaining to muslim prisoners during ramadan

On May 7th, 2020, legal counsel to the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project(CPEP) wrote to the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre(OCDC) requesting the jail accommodate Muslim prisoners on an urgent basis after the OCDC repeatedly failed to distribute medication to fasting Muslim prisoners during their non-fasting hours.

OCDC still has not issued a direct or substantitive response to this legal letter which is endorsed by 60 civil society organizations and supported by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
Read and download the press release below.
#RamadanAtOCDC Update_Press Release_25 May 2020_to media


Letter 1_Ramadan & Medication

Letter 2

Letter 3_Ramadan and Medication

Attachment 4_Redacted-request-form