In The Face of Power – Panel Discussion

On September 11th at 11:00am., at the University of Ottawa(Fauteux Hall – Room 401) members of CPEP and a coalition of plaintiffs will hold an in-person and online panel to discuss their lawsuit against the Ottawa Police Services Board.

The plaintiffs will be discussing the violations of their right to freedom of expression guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for which they seek $27,500 in damages.  Afterwards, the plaintiffs will take questions from the media and the public.

Zoom registration: TheFaceofPower

Since the murder of George Floyd, CPEP and a coalition of community members and organizers from many different backgrounds have come together to oppose the police and the violence they inflict. Our actions have included attending/delegating at police board meetings, public protest, consciousness raising campaigns, and public meetings, webinars, and educational teach-ins.
We believe that the Ottawa Police are antithetical to freedom and human rights. So-called “crime” is used to justify the many horrendous acts that they carry out on a daily basis and for these reasons, we must oppose them.

For more information about the event and contact information, you can view and download our official press release and poster of the event:

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