July 2 Meeting on Conditions at OCDC

birds tearing down a razor wire fence

Update: July 2 Meeting on Conditions at OCDC

Thank you to all those who came to the public meeting on July 2, 2014 to discuss the ongoing campaign to fight for better conditions at OCDC. Here is a summary of some  the general problems that were discussed, as well update on where our campaign is.

Problems discussed:

  • Lack of psychiatric care / inadequate psychiatric treatment
  • Problems with visiting system
  • Lack of healthcare for (and improper treatment of) pregnant women
  • Lack of medical attention, including in emergency situations
  • Non-accommodation of different dietary needs / inadequate food
  • Loud sounds coming from exhaust fans (that inhibit sleep)
  • We also discussed how the sheer number of conditions placed upon individuals who are released makes ‘breaching’ a common problem.

Immediate tasks

  • CPEP is preparing a report on the conditions at OCDC, which will include specific recommendations for change.
  • We continue to collect personal stories about OCDC for our website and to inform our report.
  • We intend to contact the Community Advisory Board that has been established at OCDC to inquire about the findings obtained during their tours and inspections, and to communicate our knowledge about the institution to assist them in future inspections.
  • We will be researching the  nature of the lawsuits at the Elgin-Middlesex and OCDC institutions and will attempt to contact the legal teams involved in these cases.
  • We will attempt to contact members of the guards Union, who have been recently voiced their own concerns about the conditions inside of OCDC.

Upcoming Plans

  • Strategy Workshop (August, date to be determined)
  • Prisoners’ Justice Day (August 10, 2014)
  • Attempt to meet with Yasir Naqvi (Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services)

Please email Laura (lauramckendy@cmail.carleton.ca) if you have any comments or would like more information on the ongoing OCDC campaign.