April 18th, A Wall is Just a Wall Open Mic! 2pm – 5pm

UPDATED WITH VIDEO OF THE WEBINAR! Please join us for our open mic fundraiser for the Prisoner Emergency Support Fund.

We will be joined by poets, storytellers, singers and rappers from across Turtle Island to raise money for the Prisoner Emergency Support Fund and other mutual aid projects focused on incarcerated persons during the spread of COVID.

TO DONATE to the Emergency Prisoner Support Fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/prisoner-emergency-support-fund


WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/CSSDPRyerson/videos/165096048088291/


  • El Jones, East Coast Prison Justice
  • Jarrod Shook, Poet
  • Nasim Asgari, Poet & Author
  • Lola Câmara
  • DJ Minzi Roberta
  • Lola Câmara
  • David Delisca
  • Eddy Martinez (The Dying Thief)
  • Shelly Campbell
  • Blaze Loc
  • TK Rebel
  • Socialist Hip-Hop
  • And many more!

About the Emergency Prisoner Support Fund

Incarcerated people are at a disproportionate risk of contracting COVID-19. Unsanitary conditions, close quarters, frequent physical contact, and the underlying chronic health conditions of many detained people, contributes to the spread of the virus and threatens the well being of prisoners and public health.

Alongside incarcerated people, communities across the country are calling for the depopulation of federal and provincial prisons to protect the safety and wellbeing of prisoners and our communities. Many provinces and territories across Canada have started taking measures to depopulate their jails and prisons safely. However, prisoners that are released do not have adequate support for their transition.

Recently released prisoners need access to funds for housing, food, clothing, and physical and mental health supports. Families who still have loved ones behind bars need funds for expensive phone bills and canteens.

This fundraiser supports prisoners re-entering the community and the families of those that are still behind bars during this crisis.