Sign the Petition to keep Permanent Memorial for Anthony Aust at OPS

image of anthony aust memorial

October 7th, 2021 marks one year since Anthony Aust died during a no-knock warrant raid conducted by the Ottawa Police Services at his family home on Jasmine Crescent.

On this day, we asked community members to gather with us in solidarity with the Aust family to mourn the loss of a beloved community member, Anthony, and to rage against a system predicated on the bondage and murder of Black peoples on Turtle Island and on the violence it commits against Indigenous and other colonized and oppressed peoples.

Today we took to the streets to demand accountability from the cops in form of abolition and echo the calls of Nhora Aust, Anthony’s mother, and the rest of her family for justice, mutual reciprocity, community care, and collective liberation. We remembered and honoured Anthony and his beautiful existence in the many ways grief and anger can be expressed.  As the armed forces whose existence is responsible for Anthony’s death continue to expand, to function with impunity and to terrorize our streets despite widespread calls to divest from state violence and invest in our communities instead, we are forced to put our bodies on the line to demand for a just world where those of us who are the most marginalized can live free from the daily attacks of the carceral colonial state.

Today we installed a plaque to honour and remember Anthony’s life at the Ottawa Police Station. We are calling on Mayor Jim Watson to keep the plaque commemorating the life of Anthony Aust in front of the police station on Elgin street and demanding that it not be rremoved