CPEP Activist Burnout Guide

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Today CPEP is publishing a new self-care handout for people to download, print, and share on the internet. Being an activist/organizer is very hard and it’s important to understand what burnout is and how to recognize it’s symptoms early so you don’t cause harm to yourself. As people become over-policed, over-worked, and over-survielled, burnout and over-working has become more and more common. By becoming more aware of the signs of burnout we hope to counteract it in order to build the healthier more resilient communities that we all need.

Click below to download the pdf or save the images one by one.

Download the full PDF here: CPEP Self-Care Burnout Handout Full

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CPEP Self-Care Handout Section 1

CPEP Self-Care Handout Section 2

CPEP Self-Care Handout Section 3