CPEP and CAMS Denounce the Co-optation of DefundOPS

Non-profits in so-called Ottawa have been holding private meetings and co-opting the calls for alternatives to police. Closed door meetings to discuss collaborations with cops and speak for the community without them knowing or being present, is not abolitionist praxis.

CPEP and CAMS (The Coalition Against More Surveillance) have been pushing for the defunding of the Ottawa Police Service prior to what culminated into the Defund the Police movement with the lynching of George Floyd and the killing of Regis Korchinsky Paquet and other Indigenous, Black, and Brown people and we have not stopped pushing since then. It is deeply disheartening and infuriating to see people who cliam to be from our community, but are really representing the interests of the powerful, swoop in and secretly try to co-opt our movement from us – from the people who have been calling for this! From the people who have been affected by this! And from the people who NEED THIS! Shame! Read the background information below and please sign the letter to show your support for the local organizers who have been pushing for this.

Please sign this letter to show your support for the organizers of the DefundOPS movement!

You can also sign this historic documentation calling for abolitionist community safety across Turtle Island:

Background information info-graphics from CAMS Ottawa: