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The JAIL hotline takes calls from Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre (OCDC) prisoners and their loved ones. The line has two objectives: a) holding accountable the provincial government, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services officials, and the OCDC administration and staff, for the treatment of incarcerated individuals by tracking and resolving human rights violations; and b) providing information to people who are incarcerated at OCDC about their rights and the community resources available to them upon re-entry into society. These objectives also inform our advocacy, which includes, among other things, writing reports and media work.

The #NOPE campaign gathers and disseminates knowledge on the potential consequences (for example, economic and social) of a new 725-bed provincial jail slated to replace the smaller 585-bed Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre and on available alternatives to carceral expansion. It produces materials (such as reports, op-eds, blog posts, infographics and memes) and organizes events (including public lectures, discussion panels, workshops and demonstrations) to inform public policy and debate on the future of imprisonment in Ottawa, and, more broadly, across Ontario and the rest of Canada.

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