April 23 Supporting Those Left Inside LIVE Webinar 7pm – 9pm

UPDATED WITH VIDEO OF THE WEBINAR – Supporting Those Left Inside: Meeting Needs Behind Prison Walls During the Pandemic

While a significant number of prisoners are being released or diverted from detention across Canada, the majority of Canada’s incarcerated populations remain locked inside. Access to basic amenities inside is always a struggle – things like personal hygiene products, access to communication, and healthy foods, among many other things, are hard to come by. In the current pandemic, the need to access such scarce resources is even more urgent.

This panel brings together people with lived experience, frontline workers and researchers to discuss what we must do to support people who remain incarcerated, and how to highlight the chronic failures of the criminal injustice system to push for decarceral futures.


  • Anthony Morgan
  • Kevin Egan
  • Lindsay Jennings
  • Barton Solidarity Project
  • Members of the Jail Accountability and Information Hotline

Moderated by Souheil Benslimane

TAKE ACTION: Demand personal protection, decarceration, and free communication for prisoners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Use our 3 easy email ZAP tools every week: https://cp-ep.org/email-zap-campaigns.

DONATE: Support the COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Prisoners and their families to help those being released into the community and those left behind bars: https://www.gofundme.com/f/prisoner-emergency-support-fund