Choosing Real Safety Press Conference and Website Launch

Choosing Real Safety! A historic declaration to divest from prisons and policing and create safer communities for all. Press conference at 10:30am, February 16th.

Six months after the historic protests in support of racial justice, support continues to grow for a divestment from policing and prisons and an investment in building real community safety. Over 250 organizations and over 3,000 individuals have signed onto “Choosing Real Safety: A Historic Declaration to Divest from Policing and Prisons and Build Safer Communities for All.” Signatories include UNIFOR, Canada’s largest private sector union, with over 300,000 members across Canada, and a wide array of human rights and racial justice organizations across Canada (click here for a map highlighting the breadth of signees).
Speakers will discuss the urgency of divesting from police and prisons from the standpoints of their respective communities, highlighting the way that investing in communities and divesting from policing and punishment are integral from the perspectives of labour, human rights, public health, and Black and Indigenous communities.

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Robyn Maynard, Abolition Coalition
Christine Maclin, UNIFOR
Ravyn Wyngs and Sarah Jama, Black Lives Matter -Toronto
Molly Swain, Free Lands Free Peoples
Nanky Rai, MD, MPH, Family Physician, Doctors for Defunding Police
Harsha Walia, Executive Director, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
Souheil Benslimane, Criminalization and Punishment Education Project