CPEP Joins Defund the Police National Organization

This week, CPEP has officially joined the Defund.ca Ottawa chapter. Defund.ca links cities from all over Canada together in an effort to get their municipalities to stop funding the police and start funding social supports and organizations that need that money.

You can visit the page here: https://defund.ca/odawang-ottawa/. Once there you can click the links to call, tweet, or email your public representatives in Ottawa and tell them to defund the Ottawa Police Service.

We hope that we are able to continue to work with all the other organizations in so-called “Ottawa” to defund the police. If you want to add your name to Defund.ca then contact us and let us know. Thank you to all of the people who have marched, taken space, called, tweeted, spoke on zoom, spoke in person, emailed, shown up, and so on, over the last six months against our colonial oppressors. This is just the beginning!