Defund the Ottawa Police Watch Party Sept 28th

watch party banner with abolish defund printed on it

Updated with video of the meeting! Join CPEP and other community groups on September 28th, at 4:00pm, as members give their statements of contempt to the Ottawa Police Services Board.

You can listen to the speeches at the 1:10:00 minute mark.

Many members of CPEP, the Coaltion Against More Surveillance, the Anti-Racism On Campus Collective, and other community groups gathered to demand the defunding of the Ottawa Police Service and an end to the racist violence that they cause every day. Twelve people’s voices could be heard one after the other shouting down the racism of policing, over-spending, and unaccountability to reign them in. Huge Thank Yous to everyone who participated!

Around the world more and more people are joining the struggle to defund, disempower, disarm and disband the police, including on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory.
People are also demanding investments in their communities to keep each other safe without the violence of policing and reparations for the oppression unjustly endured by BIPOC and others pushed to the margins.

Let’s demand together that the City of Ottawa place a moratorium on, and commit to defunding, the budget of the Ottawa Police Service.

We will be streaming the Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB) meeting live on CPEP’s Facebook page while our members and members of other groups give their statements!
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Facebook Live page:
Come and watch the meeting with us and send some love and cheers to people as they tell the OPSB that we need to defund and abolish the police and invest in communities.

This online action will take place during the Ottawa Police Services Board meeting on September 28th at 4pm.
Speeches by community members will be heard first, at the beginning of the meeting.

***Registration to speak at the meeting is now closed. For future reference, you must register at least one week before the date of the next OPSB meeting in order to speak. You need to provide the date of the meeting that you want to speak at, and a written outline of what you will be speaking about. Send your requests to: Executive Director Krista Ferraro,
For more information on Ottawa Police Services Board meetings, please go here:

Use our Email-Zap tool to send a message to your city councilor that we need to defund the Ottawa Police Service