Prisoners’ Justice Day 2020 T-Shirt available for Pre-Order!

updated pjd tshirt images with logos on the back of the shirt

This year’s design for the 2020 Prisoners’ Justice Day t-shirt is available now for pre-order! It includes a design by an artist who goes by Slick (an incarcerated person), and the logos of CPEP, The Millhaven Lifers Liaison Group, Books 2 Prisoners, The JAIL Hotline on the back, and the words “Prisoners’ Justice Day” on the left sleeve.

Click Here: to order your shirt.
The shirts are $25.00 and you can reserve your size for pick up at the Prisoners’ Justice Day Vigil on August 10th by selecting the “$0.00 Pick up at PJD Vigil” option under “Shipping” at checkout. Otherwise shipping is $15.00.
The shirt features the acronym PJD (Prisoners’ Justice Day), images of cell bars, Skulls, a pocket watch, a pack of playing cards with the ace of spades showing, a bird in flight, The name “Slick” in the bottom left-hand corner, and the number 13 1/2 meaning: “12 jurors, one judge from the trial plus 1/2 a chance”.

To learn more about the history of Prisoners’ Justice Day, you can visit

Thank you all for your continued support of prisoners and the abolition of prisons across Algonquin Territory and Turtle Island.