Prisoner’s Justice Day Events and Information

Infographic with information about Prisoners Justic Day, event details (below), A day to commemorate the people who have died in prisons and at the hands of the state

Prisoners’ Justice Day Vigil

August 10th, 2021
Major’s Hill Park
Algonquin Territory/Ottawa
7:00 pm

Prisoners’ Justice Day T-Shirts.

Prisoner Justic Day T-Shirts (described below)

The shirts are $25.00 each and you can reserve your size for pick up at the Prisoners’ Justice Day Vigil on August 10th by sending an e-transfer to Please note your size in the message of the e-transfer. If you are unable to pay the full price, a sliding scale payment will be available.

The shirt features the acronym PJD (Prisoners’ Justice Day), images of cell bars, skulls, a pocket watch, a pack of playing cards with the ace of spades showing, a bird in flight, The name “Slick” in the bottom left-hand corner, and the number 13 1/2 meaning: “12 jurors, one judge from the trial plus 1/2 a chance”.

Information about the history of Prisoners’ Justice Day can be found here: