Solidarity with the Joyceville Prisoners’ COVID ATI

Joyceville prison sign at the entrace to the prison itself

People imprisoned at Joyceville Institution issue statement seeking access to information about CSC’s outbreak plan and supplies to get through the crisis.

19 December 2020 – Since the lockdown began, there’s been no information coming from Correctional Service Canada (CSC). We’ve requested meetings with the warden and are not getting them. Whether it’s good or bad, we just want information to get to us. Right now, there’s no message going. All we hear is what’s on the six o’clock news and what’s constantly repeated over and over on the news loop. This is why we’re speaking out.

Read the article in Kingstonist here:

Read the full Statement of solidarity with the Joyceville Prisoners here: Statement from Joyceville_19 December 2020