Webinar – The Prison State During the Pandemic – May 28th

the prison state during the pandemic webinar poster

UPDATED WITH VIDEO OF THE WEBINAR! The Prison State During the Pandemic: Assessing Abolitionist Gains and Future Directions

Since the onset of COVID-19, news coverage has been saturated with stories about community organizing and mutual-aid efforts. However, little air-time has been given to the vast amount of organizing and mutual-aid work that has developed to respond to the rights and needs of prisoners. From solidarity caravans, financial support funds, and public education, to twitter storms, hunger strikes and coordinated efforts to get answers from politicians, the volume of solidarity and abolition work around prisoners is astounding and varied from province to province. This webinar will check-in with abolitionist organizers across North-Turtle Island, assessing what gains have been made during COVID-19 and what still needs to be done.


• Meenakshi Mannoe, Vancouver Prison Justice Day Committee
• Anonymous Member, Montreal-based Anti-Carceral Group
• Hanna Garson, East Coast Prison Justice Society
• Dr. Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land, Bar None Winnipeg; Assist. Prof. University of Winnipeg
• Nancy Van Styvendale, Free Lands Free Peoples; Assoc. Prof. University of Alberta

Moderated By Jessica Evans, Toronto Prisoners’ Rights Project; Assist. Prof. Ryerson University

Note: This Livestream will not be closed-captioned. A video with CC will be posted within 1 week after the event.


Demand decarceration, personal protection, and free communication for prisoners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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