COVID-19 in Prisons 2020 wrap up and radio interview

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COVID-19 is currently out of control in several prisons across the country and prisoners are currently facing life-threatening circumstances in institutions that have been infected with it. On top of that, prisoners are being subjected to lockdowns and segregation-like conditions that severely impact their mental health.
Everyone should be concerned about these troubling and dehumanizing circumstances that have public health and community safety implications for us all.

Recently CPEP’s co-founder Justin Piché was interviewed on Prison Radio in Kingston. He talked about the need for releasing the prison population, the statistics we’ve seen about Covid-19 in prisons across Canada, the draconian conditions that Canada and the Ontario government are forcing on prisoners during the pandemic, the many many prisoner strikes that have happened across the country, and what’s going on at OCDC. You can listen to the full interview here (7:00pm, December 31st):

You can also read Justin and members of CPEP’s latest blog post HERE about what the government of Canada needs to do to solve this crisis.

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